Waki Pharma believes in Customer Satisfaction and has established Quality Management Systems for all its operations.
- We Built customer satisfaction through the following:
* Building team work and continual improvement for our staff competence.
* Continual improvement with respect to ISO 9001: 2008 standards.
*We establish, maintain and review our quality objectives that consist with this policy.
-The Strategic goals of Waki Pharma include :
*Meeting the local market needs of different veterinary pharmaceutical products.
*Production of pharmaceutical products that replace imported ones.
*Targeting export opportunities.
- Waki Pharma recognizes its responsibility to manufacture and provide high quality veterinary products that are safe, effective, stable and fully satisfy the customers need. This is achieved by:
*Establishing, implementing , maintaining and well-documented QMS to ensure that the products manufactured confirm to the desired specifications
*Quality system that complies with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (c GMP) Guidelines.
*Periodic and systematic assessment of the company quality system in order to detect its effectiveness and cater for continuous improvement.
*Commitment to follow up the new technologies.
*Continuous upgrading of the performance and skills of employees through active training programs.
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